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Staying safe and healthy during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Keeping you relaxed, restored and revived during COVID-19

Treatments have resumed :)

October 2020

Reflexology may assist and enhance through deep relaxation our immune system, quality of sleep and reduce stress.  

Very slowly I am getting around to contacting my clients to let you know that I am gradually reopening.  I carry out a risk assessment  the day before a treatment I have all the COVID restrictions in place.  I wear a visor and a face cover and I ask unless you are exempt to wear one also and,  I have a the trace and track QR code.   

In these uncertain times I think we are all learnt even more so the importance of self care, deep relaxation, Reflexology! and to do the things that sustain us.  

Stay safe and keep well, thank you for your trust and support 

Don't feel alone

22nd April 2020

Although I cannot give any Reflexology treatments at the moment, I am still happy to discuss any queries that you may have.  If you are an existing client I am happy to do a video call and help with Hand Reflexology points to support you, or even if you fancy a chat and a catch up.  For all new inquiries please fill in the contact page and I will phone you at soon as possible, thank you.

Excerpt from Newsletter

Staying in touch

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April 2020

Hello Friends!

Some of you know that I have talked very loosely about writing a newsletter but I never have the time, well I talked that one up eh? I thought it would be nice to just stay in touch as things are a bit weird and scary at the moment. A lot of people maybe feeling anxious, vulnerable, lonely and isolated. I was just going to share the things that I am doing to try and keep motivated and upbeat - some of the things that have worked and those that have haven’t. I am also posting little bits on my Facebook page and updating my website and blog, so please keep an eye on them too.

Do you want to assist your Respiratory System? Feeling tense? Or suffering with hay fever?

Facial Reflexology – I have put a link on my Facebook page. It shows a sequence that we can all do on ourselves; it supports and assists the respiratory system and sinus reflexes. If we are tense it is really good for headaches, neck and shoulders – take a look. It can be done sitting comfortably in a chair, it only takes 10 minutes, and I know it sounds strange but it feels nice, I invite you to give it a try

The Association of Reflexologists are offering more online training and chats, ensuring that when I reopen again I will have completed further training. I am also planning on studying online Fertility Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine Reflexology.

I have also signed for a Reflexology Book Club this week kicked off with Reflexology Lymph Drainage. This is a great opportunity to receive further insight into specific subjects, hear about new evidence and question the tutors and authors. Each week a different subject is covered, whether it be foot reading, Cancer Care, or Precision Reflexology. I will give you all an update on these sessions in the next newsletter.

When I get a minute and a pair of feet! I will make a video for general relaxation and mobilisation, hopefully you can get a someone in your household to do it on you and then you can swap?

What I'm doing to keep busy, routine will get us through this

Cleaning out those cupboards and drawers. Sorting out all the things that you never had time to do before and saving lots more for when it rains.

Plant vegetable seeds; if you want any seedlings for your garden let me know! I will leave them at the gate for you.

Regrow food scraps, I have started with parsnips and onions just for fun to see if it works?

Cooking for family members, friends and neighbours, try out some new recipes and get inventive.

Missing the old structure and routine of clubs, societies, gym and/or work and socialising? I am doing a gym sessions , cycling and online yoga, it is important to get the happy hormones flowing, circulatory system pumping and in turn the lymphatic system boosting our immunity.

Do you have any tips/books/recipes/craft ideas/online material that you think others might be interested in and you would like to share? Please send it over and I will add it to my next email. Some ideas so far: Sewing, volunteering, the online Choir with Gareth Malone seems very popular, having a decent playlist to listen to whilst walking, online yoga classes, online religious services and Joe Wicks online PE class at 9am every morning.





Whilst Reflexology treatments cannot be performed at the moment, please remember the reflexes on the hands that I have shown many of you before that are specific to your needs. If you need to discuss any points on the hands then please feel free to call me or, I can do a one to one FaceTime consultation with you and demonstrate it.

Please eat healthy, stay hydrated; UK Health Radio has some interesting subjects on how to support ourselves. There are plenty of yoga videos, meditations online, podcasts, audio books and apps for phones. These are strange times but, self-care is never needed more. I will be sharing some on my Facebook page so keep a look out.


I really hope that you find your treatments enjoyable and that you feel the benefits. Perhaps you would like to leave a review on my Google page, Facebook, or even via email to me. I'd appreciate your recommendations very much. Equally, if there anything that you didn't enjoy, please feel free to contact me directly so that I can make the changes. I am always looking to improve the service that I offer my clients.


If you see me shopping once a week or walking the dog on my hourly slot as much as I would love to chat please shout "Hello" from two meters away!

Please stay in touch, feel free to call just for a chat if you are climbing the walls, want a laugh, rant, scream or shopping if you are self-isolating.